Nina and Flo have been a team since they first met in the year 2000. After a short breakup in their relationship it was a big common dream which reunited them: To sail around the world. So in 2009 they bought „FLiNA“, a 35 ft. catmaran, and sailed from the Caribbean side of Guatemala to Panama, then through the famous canal and all the way across the South Pacific discovering wonderful places like Galapagos, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Society Island, Cook Isands and many more. They must have had a great time, becaus in Bora-Bora they found out that Nina was pregnant, and so they decided to finish their cruise in Tonga. Nina was in her 5th month of pregenancy when they sold FLiNA and left the South Pacific with a big promise – to come back to these waters and continue the journey as a family. Now that the crew number has doubled and with a couple of hard working year behind them, the scond big cruise has started. Meet the whole Orley family here:

Flo was born in Innsbruck, Austria and spent the last 17 years of his life as a pro freeride snowboarder, his carrer peaking in crazy first descents around the world, many competition victories and as 2 times vice world champion on the Freeride World Tour. Despite holding a masters degree in sports management it was his passion for hanggliding, surfing and base jumping which has been steering his life.

Nina is the sunshine on board of Snowflake. She was also born in Innsbruck, graduated from University as a teacher for sports and english as well as a coach for triathlon, swimming, aerobics and spinning. Aside from being the center of family she loves to explore the underwater world, rules the kitchen and runs the school on board.

Keano was born in 2011 and is our little professor. Maybe it is because he was made in Tahiti during our first big cruise that he is at home in the water more than on bord. He can tell you all about crystals, loves surfing as well as freerunning and is our helmsman. On top of that he provides the family with fresh fish by constantly catching Tunas, Barracudas and Snappers with his fishing gear – even though the only fish he himself will eat is Salmon.

Momo was born 2012 and is the creative mind within the family. She is constantly performing handicraft work and is coming up with new masterpieces every day. She gets dressed up in a fresh style for every occasion and while watching new people on board from a bit of a distance at first, she will give everything she has once one has conquered her big heart.

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We are ready to give rather than to take, to say yes rather than no, are up for everything but more than anything else we are a TEAM.


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