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When we arrived in Trinidad from Austria, we thought we would be sailing away on SNOWFLAKE within 3 weeks.

Well, it has been 10 weeks so far and another two are ahead of us before we will be able to move.

There simply has been SO much to do….and all of it with the kids here 24/7, which basically means on of us is taking care of the kids and one can work.

The first owner of our boat did not adapt it as much for cruising as we would have hoped for, so we had to install (and throw away) quite a few things.

And - t is NOT fun to live on a construction site with many workers on board for weeks, especially not for NINA who was trying to keep things together (cleaning, cooking, teaching the kids) all the time. Big up for you baby, you are a amazing every day!!!

So, here is what we accomplish so far, invesint in safety, comfort and in making SNOWFLAKE a family home..…with the list being far from complete:

we replaced:

- 1 bilge pump

- 2 new saltwater cooling pumps

- all saildrive oil seals

- lpg hoses

- 2 sweet water discharge pump sensors

- dinghy bottom 

- exit hatch seals

- cockpit speakers

- lpg griller parts

- epirb

- bedroom matresses

- cockpit roof window

- complete main door sealing

- main door roller bearings

- soft clear windshield

- a couple of light and bulbs

we kicked out:

- calorifier (hot water tank)

- microwave

we added:

- ssb radio with pactor, rigged antenna, antenna tuner, grounding

- satphone with external antenna

- a lot of 12 volt charging ports at navigation table - wifi system with masthead antenna, 5 miles range

- navigation table seat - 2 new diesel filter systems- accumulator pressure tank in freshwater system

- maststeps

- lifeline net around all of boat

- lightwind spinnaker - bowsprit - roller furling gennaker

- hatch and winch covers

- 2 solar more panels

- 3rd anchor

- automatic rainwatcher collecting system on cockpit roof

- cockpit cooler box

- cokpit sun shades

- cockpit rain covers

- sun shades on all bedroom windows - retractable saloon table    (turns saloon into huge chill area) - many extra drawer boards - bedroom shelves

- mosquito nets on all windows & door - under bed ventilation

- surfboard storing system

- gräting for main door floor

- at least 100 plastic storage boxes 

maintenance: - serviced all toilet & freshwaterpumps and hoses (1 week of work) - disassembled and cleaned both engine cooling systems - rewired the air conditioning - serviced all bilge pumps - checked the scuba gear - checked dinghy engine - sealed cockpit roof

- main and head sail repaired

- persenning repaired 

If you kept reading until here you are probably a sailor and know what this means ((-:

But by now we are almost ready…just that yesterday a solar panel had a shortcut, burned a hole into the cockpit  and we now have to revice the whole battery charging setup.

Keep smiling!

Flo, Nina, Keano, Momo

  • Flo

Working 14 hours a day is tyring. So when our friend James from the UK offered a ride on his boat to Scotland Bay for some beach time, we did not say so. The kids got to steer the big boat and we discovered a few amazing places and animals around the beaches of Scotland Bay. It was a glimps of what will be waigin for us once we are ready to sail ourselves and motivates us to continue working hard!

  • Flo

After a couple of weeks on the hard in the boatyard the big day has finally come: Our new home is getting slipped into the water. With the specially developed catamaran slip machine from Power Boats Marina here in Chaguaramas – Trinidad (

) our baby is lifet up and put down in her old and new element. Everyday work for the locals but a big day for us when we saw her floating. Next, we are gonna move to a dock and continue work for a few more weeks....

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